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Mark Nanni has been playing music for a living based out of Central New York for 25 years as a professional keyboardist for many bands on piano, organ and accordion; live and in the studio. He is a multi-SAMMY’s, (Syracuse Area Music Awards) winner, including a handful with the band Los Blancos, of which he was a member for 20 years. Mark continues to play more than 250 shows per year. 


Other honors include:


~ 2020 SAMMY nomination for his solo CD, Towns & Spaces In Between, in the “Best Other Style” category

~ Studio Jams 2019 International Inspiration Awards nominee

~ Winner of Los Angeles’ 5th Annual South Bay Music Award for Keyboardist of the Year

~ Winner of the Studio Jams 2015 International Inspiration Awards for Most Inspiring Keyboardist 


Mark has also been leading his own jazz group, The Intention, for this entire duration, and was nominated for a SAMMY award for this group with the band's self-titled CD. The Intention continues presently, and has gone on to envelop more styles, playing Jam/Rock, Blues, Soul and plenty of original material in some of the region’s best live music clubs. 


From 2014-18, he traveled with the Jess Novak Band from Key West to Burlington several times, and all over our own region, as well as garnering a SAMMY award for best Pop Album in 2017. 


Nanni also stepped down in 2020 after spending 5 years filling the keyboard chair for the region’s top Grateful Dead tribute band, Dark Hollow, and continues to play occasional shows with the band’s spin-off acoustic trio. 


As for his present musical adventures, in addition to playing with The Intention, Nanni plays hundreds of solo performances which range in styles from all of his influences including Classic/Jam Rock, Pop/Rock, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Light Classical and original material which he delivers on piano, accordion, guitar and vocal. 


At his solo performances, you will hear songs by the likes of Jerry Garcia, Elton John, Ray Charles, Neil Young, Van Morrison, Jim Croce, Tom Petty, Willy Dixon, The Gershwins, Irving Berlin, Bach, Beethoven and so many more.


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