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Mark Nanni Music Merchandise

Please email via the website or to to make arrangements for mail order, or better yet, come to a show and pick up some loot in person!

Accepted forms of payment: Venmo, PayPal, personal check. All prices include Shipping & Handling. 


Mark Nanni Music Trucker Cap! In Black/Oyster. One size/adjustable. 


CD's: One for $15, Two for $25, Three for $30, Four for $35, Five for $40 (Including S&H).
Now available in CD or USB Thumb Drive: Mountain (studio) and Live at McCarthy's!


Mark Nanni ~ Towns & Spaces In Between

A 2020 SAMMY (Syracuse Area Music Awards)-nominated CD. Nanni's most recent release, most like his present solo shows. All piano and vocal, live with no overdubs. Remastered to tape. See the "Music/Video" tab for reviews. 

Track list: 

Russian Lullaby; Bye Bye Blackbird; Sweet Danielle; Royalty; Steamroller; How Sweet It Is; Stella Blue; Changes; Brokedown Palace; Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good To You?; Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out; Sonatina (In G)


Mark Nanni ~ Solo Piano

For the jazz purist, this CD is strictly instrumental, solo jazz piano with no overdubs. Introspective, stark, and probing. This recording shows Nanni's seasoning on his knowledge of this program of jazz standards and selections from the "Great American Songbook."

Track list: 

I Love You; Alice in Wonderland; Billie's Bounce; Django; The Days of Wine and Roses; How Insensitive; Like Someone in Love. 


The Intention ~ The Intention

This release was a 2005 SAMMY-nominee. Full studio jazz production and instrumentation including piano, violin, mandolin, trumpet, marimba, clarinet, bass, drums and more. Featuring performances by Jeff Stockham, Joe Davoli, David DeSiro, Matt Vacanti, Charlie Shew, David Salce, Nanni and more. Nanni garnered two grants, at the county and state levels, to complete this project. 

Track list:

All of Me; Hello, Dolly; Body and Soul; Marie (vocal and instrumental takes); Fashion; A Gusty Day; In the Still of the Night; The Spell; Body Meices. 

Table Hopping Article on Mountain and Live at McCarthy's:

Praise for Towns & Spaces In Between: (2020 SAMMY awards nominee)

A review of T & S from Susan Coleman at

Nanni’s muscular piano style blends elements of New Orleans, ragtime, blues, jazz and classical elements. Sometimes all in the same song! His warm and accessible vocal stylings handle this wide range of material without ever feeling strained or overwrought.

All in all, this album offers the listener the pleasant experience of being at one of Nanni’s solo performances. So may I suggest you open a bottle of wine with a friend and have some conversation while listening?

“Towns & Spaces In Between” was recorded live – without any overdubs – mixed, and mastered at Moonglow Studios
With clean, crisp, clear vocals, and deft work on the piano, Mark Nanni offers us 12 songs on “Towns & Spaces In Between.” This album mixes 3 lively and lovely! originals in with 9 covers, ranging from the Grateful Dead’s Stella Blue and Brokedown Palace to the classical piece Sonatina (In G.)

A review of T & S from the late Brian Cornish at

Syracuse-based keyboard player Mark Nanni has recently released a CD titled Towns & Spaces In Between. It is a wide-ranging disc that represents the breadth of Nanni’s playbook, encompassing jazz standards, original tunes, popular songs from James Taylor, and selections from the Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead songbook. He touches on classical, blues, and ragtime as well.

It begins with a twist on Irving Berlin’s “Russian Lullaby” that allows Nanni to showcase his technique with precision and elegance. A different take on “Bye Bye Blackbird” catches the listener’s ear before leading into a couple of original songs, “Sweet Danielle,” and “Royalty.” Perhaps the biggest surprise on the recording is the last tune, “Sonatina in G,” by Beethoven.

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