I Like

I like the way you look in them jean shorts that you wear

I like the way you flip your curly hair

I like the way you look like you don't care

When you see that I have turned to stop and stare

I like the way you look in them jean shorts that you wear

I like the way you paint your eyes all black

I like how you never stop to look back

To see if I have stopped to look back

I like how you never let the tension slack

I like the way you paint your eyes all black


Are you ever gonna let me come and see you?

Are you ever gonna let me come and be with you?

Are you ever gonna let me sing you this song?

Are you ever gonna let me come and see you?

Are you ever gonna let me come and be with you?

Am I always gonna sit and wonder, just how long?

I like that glint that's always in your eyes

I like that you always try to disguise

I like that you never ever seem surprised

That I'm always trying to hide those butterflies

I like that glint that's always in your eyes


People You Thought You Knew

When your world starts eroding, and exploding all around you

And you've found you don't have

the coping skills you thought you had

Or were hoping to have by now


And the People You Thought You Knew

And your precious way of life/ have fallen through

When the song you sang to get through

Refuses to do what it used to do, for you


When you find that your surroundings are just grounding

Your demons inside you

And the hounds of Hell, they hound you/and surround you


Little Guy

Little Guy stick his hand in his pocket

Always come out clean

Little Guy stick his hand in his pocket

Always lookin' lean

Big man stick his hand in his pocket

Always come out greazy

Little Guy got it hard

Big man got it easy

Hide & Seek

I remember playing Hide & Seek

Out in the garden

Sometimes life was hard an'

Seemed unfair

But now I can't go outside an'

I can't keep hidin'

From myself anymore

Can't keep waiting by the door

And now, I'm my own worst enemy

But can I be

Equal to my destiny

And let this be

What brings out the best in me?

Helps me find the rest of me?

(Or at least what's left of me?)

Sweet Danielle


Sweet Danielle,

You know damn well

That I'm the only one, 

That I'm the man who can

Show you the sun

On a grey winter's day.

And Sweet Danielle, 

You never can tell

If we'll be done tomorrow

Or if I'm the man who can

Ease your sorrow,

And stay another day. 

We never expected a spark

The winter so cold and stark.

In each others' arms we'd stay, 

Eventually couldn't stay away. 

Go ahead and make your plans,

But expect that they'll be handed

Back to you with a grin, 

Handed back to you by Him.


How can we be such fools,

Thinking we're too cool for school?

Fate the only authority

Burns up all our priorities.

But you ask...

"Why won't He give me what I want?"

His reply:

"Because you deserve so much more."



I love ya, little mama.

You can feel my heart.

I won't stand above ya. 

May we never part. 

You serve as my Queen

I serve you as your King. 

Towns and Spaces in between, 

You're my ears when I sing. 


I knew I'd fall right into you. 

I didn't know you'd fall into me. 

When the world was black and I was blue

You sheltered me so selflessly. 

All the magic in our own back yard. 

Tall trees bearing our names. 

Make easy things that were so hard, 

As they melt into this sweet refrain. 


Walter Cronkite

How do we know what to do when nobody knows what in true?

And, how to we know how to act, when nobody knows what's a fact


In a world that's falling down, where the truth is not black & white, 

or grey, but it's brown, 

And I miss Walter Cronkite, cuz everyone knew he was all right

How do we know how to be when we don't even have eyes to see?

And, how do we know what to fight for

When we don't even know what is right anymore?


And that's the way it was, and. . . 

For Lulu

You're sweet, you're lovely, you're cute, you're cuddly

You're pretty and smart, you're beautiful at heart

You're my only baby child, you're meek and you're mild

You're generous and giving, you make life worth living

Your presence is a treat from your head down to your feet

You're an artist and a friend, I'll take care of you til the end

You're daddy's little girl, no matter if you roam the world

We'll live in each other's hearts, even if we're far apart

You're an inspiration. My only blood relation. 

Cuz you're daddy's girl, you're daddy's world, my girl. 


Lady, you've been so good to me. 

Lady, now I want you to see

What my life could be

If someone got behind me

And loved my like you do.

Oh, the things that I could do.


There going to be some Changes made today

Quit my job, picked up my pay today. 

I'm changing and I'm changing straight away. 

Gonna hit the street and walk a beat,

Take my lady on the town.

Get some drinks and get some eats.

It's my treat, we gonna get on down.

I'm changing from my head down...to my feet.

I'm tired of paying rent on a house I'll never own, 

I'm tired of this coop I shoulda already flown.

I'm changing and I ain't changing on my own.


I gotta go out and dig on my own farm, 

Be a man, put some ink in my own arm. 

This change today gonna be my lucky charm!


I gotta change!


Give me a brand new suit!

A hundred bucks to boot. 

Put my money where my mouth is.

I'm gonna put up or shut up!

Gonna put up or shut up,

Put my money where my mouth is,

Brand new suit and a hundred bucks to boot!


I gotta change! 


Of course, love is baked into the fresh baked cookies.

Of course, love is found in the Christmas tree.

Of course, love lives in the lovers' kiss, 

But you absolutely must remember this:


Love's inside the sickness, love's inside the fight, 

Love makes up the darkest night.

Love is exactly where it hides from sight. 

The restaurant, the skating rink,

The movie theater, the kitchen sink...

But don't forget the sickbed or the broken heart; 

The couple's boxing ring, the lovers torn apart. 


The end of the road, the story that's been told, 

The broken down car, not knowing where you are, 

The falling apart, the picking back up, 

The lifelong scar, the words at the bar. 


Nothing is Yours

You've got nothing to lose, til there's something to be lost. 

Then you might panic; protect it at all cost.

You used to leave the windows open and the doors all ajar. 

Now, you're all locked up tight; vigilant wherever you are. 


Nothing is Yours, Nothing is Yours. 

You foolish child, you own nothing. 

Nothing is ever Yours. 

Hold on to what you love, and let go of it too. 

Cuz if you hold it too tight, it just might run away from you. 

Be wary of confusion, you can't lose what was never yours;

Thinking that you're feeding love, actually waging wars. 


The eggs all in the basket, tied up in pretty linen.

Hold them with a loose hand and refrain from all that sinnin':

Lust and greed and coveting, too...

Breathe deeply and let them go. 

Cuz eggs held only with your heart may hatch 

And then they'll grow, oh. .  .


Again, It Was You

You used to hold me all night long.

Sweet, in your arms, 

You used to sing me to sleep

With all of your own songs, 

While I used to would roam the streets at night,

Just looking for something new. 

And when I finally found it,

When I finally found it, Again, It Was You.