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Live Performance Blog ~ 1. Preface


Dear reader — the purpose and scope of this blog can be different for different people. I never before thought to share my experience and insight on live, public artistic performance simply because it seemed egotistical to do so. Why would I assume that others would want to know what my experience performing my job feels like to me? But, recently I felt that perhaps this is also a bit selfish. Music and performance is all I really know. It’s one of the only things I can consider myself an expert on, and perhaps my insight could be useful to others on the path of live performance, or may even prove to be interesting to those who may never experience it themselves.

At any rate, I’ve decided to take the plunge and put down in words my insights, feelings, opinions, conjectures, philosophies and other poppycock, as applies to my own personal experience in performing live before an audience.

These musings are derived from my own personal experience of being a full-time working musician for most of my life, and may apply to absolutely no one else, but I kind of doubt that. I believe that many of us perceive many of these experiences in common, and perhaps I can lend an experienced hand to those less so.

However, this blog is by no means intended to be posing as teaching, or a method, or a course for you to take. It’s simply a look into my own experiences with genuine hope that the reader may find interesting, helpful, or inspiring.

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